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Italian Snacks

Deliciously light, healthily baked savoury snacks

Produced by Bakers in Puglia, Southern Italy

Our Products


bacon baked italian snacks

Case of 40 x 35g bags


Case of 40 x 35g bags


Case of 40 x 35g bags


Case of 40 x 35g bags


Case of 40 x 35g bags

Arriving 750g Bacon

Arriving 750g Olive

Arriving 750g Pizza

Arriving 750g Original


Arriving 750g Mediterranean


Fabulous as an aperitif with beer, wine, olives and dips

Simple, yet utterly moreish

We are disrupting the snack market!

as consumers turn to baked products


Our producers bakery has been in business for three-generations.

Delicious Taralli Biscuits

In medieval times, the baker would add a drizzle of olive oil along with a flavour to the scraps of bread dough to make Taralli for the poor.

With their skilled hands they reduced the dough to two narrow lines, which were then crossed at the bottom. After rising under a cloth they were put inside the oven with the bread.

Our Story

We believe that we have found the best baked snacks in Italy. The products are all made by the bakers at Fiore di Puglia using only the best ingredients.

Fiore di Puglia Logo

Our Bakers

Our products are made exclusively by a family-run business using many traditional recipes. Delicious bar snacks and organic and gluten free savoury biscuits.

The snacks are baked in Pellet Ovens and the factory uses LED Lighting and energy from renewable resources (-40% greenhouse gas emissions).  Daily production is 20,000kg PER DAY! Baked goods sales are increasing as consumers turn away from fried snacks. Fiore di Puglia’s turnover increased by a huge 20% in 2016.

Vino e Farino - Baker Taralli

Fantastic as a healthier accompaniment with a cold beer, glass of red or white wine.

Find our snacks in your local bar, pub or wine shop.

Want to sell our snacks? Contact us to arrange a tasting. Use our products as a loss leader or as a profitable and original addition to your snack range.

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